The main objective of any assessment is to increase your level of self-awareness, in order to adapt your behaviors to your best interests. An assessment, if taken in good conditions, opens possibilities and enables to explore new paths.  There are many assessments outhere. We have selected the most aproppriate for our clients, as well as the most reliable and based on a proven psychological research.

Our main assessment is the Profile XT, but depending on our clients' needs, we use other valuable and effective tools


A total person assessment measuring how well an individual fits a specific job.

What type of cognitive intelligence do you use?

What is your thinking style?

What are your main behavioral traits?

What are your main occupational interests?

A great tool to identify if there is a real match between who you are and the job your are doing.


A simple behavioral traits assessment, that tells you about your primary and secondary ways to react to situations.

A great tool for leadership and personal development, but also for teams, in order to understand about others and create more synergies within the group.


You will discover your unique management style and how well this style is adapted to concrete management situations.

We will work on adapting your style to your environment and identify how you can become a more efficient manager in your environment.


How are you perceived by others: peers, clients, team members, boss ? Take advantage of this external perception assessment. You will be assessed on specific criterias around your leadership and communication style. Our coaching sessions will help you identify your areas of strengths and improvements. We will identify two to three goals and set up an action plan for the upcoming months.


A selection of corporate and private coaching books. All of them talk about leadership, communication, behaviors, and their impact on performances.

"Good to great", Jim Collins

"The 7 habits of highly effective people", Stephen R. Covey

"Blink" Malcolm Gladwell

"Crucial conversations", Vital Smart

"The inner game of work" Timothy Gallwey

"The pursuit of perfect", Tal ben Shahar

"The five dysfonctions of a team", Patrick Lencioni

"Emotional Intelligence", Daniel Goleman

"The New One minute Manager", Ken Blanchard

"Learders eat last", Simon Sinek