Our vision of success is built on our 10 years of coaching experience with our clients: self-awareness is the starting point of any personal and professional growth or change.
At Differentcoaching, we stay flexible and open to the needs of our clients, and we support you at each stage of this process:

Step 1 We help you be more self-aware

To do that, we use a powerful assessment, the Profile Xt. This assessment enables you to identify your cognitive style, your major behavioral traits and leadership style, as well as your top occupational interests.

Step 2 We help you build on your strengths

To do that we explore several questions:
Do you effectively use your energy level, your assertiveness, your leadership style or any other of your main personality traits in your job?
How can you improve that?
Are you in the right position, and if not, what position could be a good fit with your personality ?

Step 3 We help you be in your own “flow”

Research shows that we reach a state of flow when we do something that we like and we use our natural strengths and talents to do it.
In the state of flow, we are totally immersed in what we are doing and we are able to produce the best possible results.
We help you create the conditions to reach that state of flow.

Step 4 We help you improve your performances

We set up achievable goals and we monitor the results with you.